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best loyalty program for food and beverage

How to Implement Effective Customer Loyalty Program in F&B Industry

A customer rewards program is not a brand new concept today. On the other hand, determining the proper way of using the collected customer data to make the customer rewards program fully customized individually for every user is somewhat of unknown territory for various brands. But, while technologies are invading the F&B industry, permitting for more customer data to be obtained and compiled, those brands that are pretty savvy will make use of this information so that they can make and come up with the best customer rewards program.
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Tips for Successful loyalty rewards program

Dos and Don’ts of Successful Rewards Program

Customer Rewards program is fundamental for the success of any business. They are brilliant in attracting new customers, promoting loyalty among existing clients, and driving sales. On average, the rewards program is used by many businesses as a standard form of marketing. Whether done via old-fashioned punch cards or digitally, loyal customers are account for up to 80% of revenue collected. But what might one to one business be the opposite of another? What are the intricacies that need to be addressed when establishing a loyalty program that will gratify customers and drive sales?
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Why loyalty program does not work

Why doesn’t your loyalty rewards program give you the expected results?

While many companies and businesses have chosen to use customer loyalty programs as their marketing tools to increase traffic to their businesses, others are struggling to find a breakthrough through the same loyalty programs. Why do business customer loyalty programs fail and what do you need to do differently to make them a success? Here are some reasons why your customer loyalty programs seems to be useless and ineffective as intended.
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